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DIY Wedding

Here at Stretched Events, it’s no secret that we specialise in DIY weddings. We have a reputation for creativity. We have skills in carpentry, design and various forms of art, so you can rest assured that we have the skills to create premier production – and we take great pride in our work. It’s the can-do attitude of the Stretched Events team that make us the perfect partner to your DIY wedding.

In fact, more than just arranging the right flowers or furniture, we’re committed to making sure your loving commitment expresses itself in the ceremony and reception on the day. This is what a DIY wedding is all about! We know the expense and time commitment of planning a wedding can be dauting to many. Don’t let this deter you!

Stretched Events are here to take care of your day, to take the stress out of the event, so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Here at Stretched Events, we really enjoy contributing to each and every DIY wedding. The beauty of DIY weddings is not only that everyone gets to be creative, creating beauty in unlikely places, we also get to genuinely collaborate. In this way, we get to know what the customer wants and what they want their event to say!

Affordable Wedding

A key factor is all weddings is affordability. The fact is, we hear a familiar story from our customers. They are excited to be getting married but had not anticipated the expense. This is an all-too-familiar aspect of an industry that charges special prices just because of the type of event, rather than the service offered. There are too many unscrupulous suppliers of wedding-related equipment looking to exploit. It’s no wonder the average total cost for a wedding in Australia is $85,000!

But that’s where Stretched Events can not only provide that all-too-rare commodity of an affordable wedding, we can also cut costs, so you can truly enjoy your day without worrying how it is going to affect your budget or your bank balance. An affordable wedding can give the couple and the family peace of mind – because in the end, declaring your love for one another in front of those you love is the most important thing!

Call us today to find out how we can help you with an affordable wedding – we can’t wait to hear about your plans.

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