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Farm Wedding

If you’re looking to make your wedding event a rustic affair, using all the charm of a natural farm environment, here at Stretched Events, we understand the appeal! We’ve planned many a farm wedding in our years of experience in the business and there’s nothing quite like a barn yard dance with the cows mooing nearby! Vineyards and other agricultural areas can also make for very picturesque backdrops – truly idyllic environments in which you can celebrate your love!

It might be that you place a special sentimental value on your family farm, a place where you, your fiancé and family may have spent many special times together. Or perhaps you just like the idea of getting out of the city, of taking your friends and family away to a secluded spot where you can focus on one thing – declarations of love and a good old farm-yard dance or two! These are all great reasons for a farm wedding.

Whatever your reason for wanting a farm wedding, we understand. What’s more, we want to hear your stories! Hearing why you and your loved ones have decided on a certain venue for your next occasion can help us to express the individuality of your choice of venue in how we organise the event.

Here at Stretched Events, we plan to make your farm event as seamlessly coordinated as possible. No matter what the occasion we can make sure it is one to remember for the hosts and the guests.

Stretched Events love to get creative and to meet any challenge. We are a husband and wife team dedicated both to making your event special and to take the stress out of all the planning for you. We will also ensure that there is minimal to no impact on the environment. We care about sustainability and want to make sure impact on the farm environment by your event is minimal.

Whatever you have in mind, why not call us to find out how we can help you with your next farm wedding!

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