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Pop Up Wedding

Planning your wedding? It can be a stressful time, not only does a wedding take a lot of preparation, the expense of venues, catering, drinks, table service, flowers a cake, and the right attire can be daunting to many young couples. Indeed, with average weddings in Australia costing $85,000, it’s no wonder many young couples feel priced out of the process completely. Unfortunately, too many companies operating in the industry are aware of this and charge exorbitant prices for your special event.

But you can’t put a price tag on love! This is the point, and here at Stretched Events, we care about the event, about making it a special day for you, one where everyone is well fed and feels comfortable. But we also care that the love of the couple celebrating – not only for each other, but for their family and friends, and vice versa – has a chance to show itself truly on the day chosen. Forward planning and working not to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, but one that suits the couple.

Our years of experience in the industry has taught us that every couple has a unique personality – we’ll love getting to know yours!

Here at Stretched Events, we specialise in ‘thinking outside the box’ for wedding events. We like to get creative and work within constraints to express the uniqueness of each couple! In the process, we have designed many a funky ‘pop up wedding’. Our pop up wedding events take the blank canvas of a space and turn it into the event of your wildest dreams!

Many couples are turning away from traditional venues – churches and dedicated wedding halls. The stuffiness of some of these spaces doesn’t suit anyone – that’s where a pop up wedding might be just right for you! Maybe you have a dream location, but it just doesn’t seem possible to turn it into a wedding venue. Why not ask us! You’d be surprised at just what our pop up wedding events can achieve.

If you care about the environmental impact of your pop up wedding on the surrounding area, don’t worry, Stretched Events pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability.

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