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Tipi Wedding

Looking to make your wedding truly memorable? Here at Stretched Events, we pride ourselves on turning each event into an unforgettable experience for guests and hosts alike. We also understand the wide appeal of outdoor settings and have tailored our event planning and hire to become Melbourne’s outdoor event specialists.

While many couples and their families will be turned off hosting their wedding and reception outdoors because of fears of inclement weather, the husband and wife team at Stretched Events have many tricks of the trade to ensure you can celebrate your love in the great outdoors – rain, hail or shine!

One such secret is our popular wedding tipi hire service. With a Stretched Events tipi wedding Melbourne couples can enjoy peace of mind. A tipi wedding is not only a great way to make the best of the natural beauty of a favoured outdoor site – maybe a family farm, or the couple’s favourite winery – it can also create a covered area, should it rain, without sacrificing ventilation.

Bringing down the sides of the tipi can create an intimate atmosphere. A tipi wedding also naturally creates a great dance floor, so all your guests can boogie. With some delicately handled lighting, the tipi wedding can be a truly magic experience!

Wedding Tipi Hire

With Stretched Events wedding tipi hire Melbourne customers have a hassle-free solution to Melbourne’s notorious four-seasons-in-one day! There’s a reason why our wedding tipi hire service has become a popular alternative to marquees. They add a touch of charm and enchantment to your wedding event – not to mention personality!

We have a variety of different sizes and styles of tipi to suit the specific requirements of your event. There is no taste too wacky or left-of-centre for us – so give us a call to find out how we can help you. We are committed to providing a unique service every time – each couple is different and has their own unique tastes and dreams for their big day! Let us help by taking the stress out of your event and turn it into a production.

They make a great setting for that special round of speeches, or the first dance, or a loving declaration – your guests won’t forget your event!

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